Consulting and business performance

    Guidance on the collection and use of gain information

    GNT (hereinafter the “Company”) is committed to protecting your personal information so that your personal information can be safely protected and managed, and complies with the Personal Information Protection Act and related laws. For more information, please refer to the company's privacy policy.

    Consignment of handling personal information
    Person who receives personal information handling consignment: GNT
    Consigned work: Collection of questionnaires, collection and processing of personal information, and sending of email.

    Consent to collection and use (required)
    Items to be collected:
    Name, company name, company address, company phone number, company email address

    Purpose of collection and use:
    Responding to inquiries and inquiries related to purchasing, follow-up support for answering questions, etc.

    Retention and use period:
    Until the purpose of collection and use of personal information is achieved, or when the customer withdraws his or her consent to provide personal information. However, if it is necessary to retain personal information pursuant to the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations,